TWH’s Waitlist is heating up

You know how annoying it is when the phone rings, right?

Usually it’s your mother. Or that girl who wants to talk forever (but has nothing to say). Or that other girl whose kids are always crying in the background.

Why can’t they just text already?

I get it. I really do.

The thing is, though…
Sometimes ringing phones are actually a good thing.

Chances are, if your phone rings TWH is on the line…


We’re working the waitlist like nobody’s business, and the best way to get you OFF the waitlist and INTO smooth, sexy skin is to call.

It’s ok if you don’t answer.

But if you don’t…we call the next person.

And then the next person. And then the next person.

You get the idea.

First person who calls back (or answers) wins the spot!

It’s as easy as…
Answer and you may receive.

Also…in case you weren’t aware…you can manage your appointments or put yourself on the waitlist directly from our booking system or app – the same login works in both places.