Are you an overthinker?

You’re trying out a new recipe, and it says to “throw in a handful.”

You stop.



What does that even mean??

Clearly you should have read the recipe a bit more closely before buying all the ingredients.

The cookbook author is a dude…and his hands are likely bigger than yours…a handful to him might be TWO of your handfuls…which means…if you only use a your-size handful, then the whole recipe’s proportions will get thrown off…and everything will taste weird.

Or what if his hands are really, really tiny?

What if YOUR hands are bigger than his?


You contemplate googling various images of the author to try and determine his hand size.

But then you just grab some cottage cheese out of the fridge and eat that instead.


Sound familiar?


Welcome to the world of overthinking.


Overthinking is hard.


Don’t overthink.


Just try the recipe next time. Use your own handful. And even {gasp!} feel free to interpret the term “pinch.”


You might enjoy the results.