Tip: Why your sugaring paste melts

Why is your sugar melting?

The top two reasons sugar melts all over

Sugar melts. It happens. Sometimes it’s due to the weather, sometimes it’s the technique, and sometimes it’s the way the sun is hitting your body. Sometimes it’s because you have a freakout and your hands get sweaty as your body temperature gets hotter.

But typically, there are two reasons. Watch the video and find out why your sugar is melting…and what to do about it.

Remember: freakouts raise your body temperature

Yes, a “meltdown” is much more likely for the new sugarist than an experienced one. But it still happens occasionally…even to professionals. In fact, it happened to me the other day in the treatment room (and I’ve been sugaring about 40 hours per week for the last two years).

So. Keep a wet towel close by in case cleanup is in order. Stay cool and calm…it’ll keep your sugar collected. Don’t drop your wrist. And keep practicing! Soon you’ll be the best sugarist you know.

How can I help?

What are you struggling with as you learn to sugar yourself? Comment on this post and we’ll work together.

2 replies on “Tip: Why your sugaring paste melts

  • Kelsey Giltz

    Ok, just got my sugar, super excited. I have melty problems, first of all, I run hot — so I know I need to make sure I am at my coolest. But also, it is summer in PDX, and I have no A/C! So my jar is already warm from the get go, is there a way around this? Can i store it in the fridge? Need some help to stay hairless in the summertime!

  • Jeri

    Hi Kelsey –

    I’d get some out of the jar and put it in a bowl or smaller container…then put THAT in the fridge. Otherwise it’ll end up too stiff to get out of the jar. 🙂 You can also run your hands and wrists under cold water for a bit to get them to cool down…then dry them off completely before starting to use the sugar. Let me know how it goes!

    Thanks –

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