Lesson 5 – Putting it all together

Sugaring School Lesson 5

Your Goal: Sugar your shin! 
Congrats on finishing the Pre-Requisites

Ok, so we’ve been through all the super basic pieces. Now it’s time to actually go for it!

Your shin is one of the easiest places to get the hang of sugaring. You don’t even need actual hair on your leg – just get the motions down. They’ll work without hair (and exfoliate and smooth your skin in the process). Move from the very front…over to the side…then the other side. The sugar will be stiff at first, and will warm up as you keep working with it. The stiffness is actually good when you’re first learning, as it’s way more forgiving than trying to start after you’ve played with it for a while.

Remember: Body sugaring is simple and forgiving.

It’s better than waxing and shaving in soo many ways. But it’s also completely organic. There are so few ingredients that it’s actually food (taste it!). And as such, it’s susceptible to heat and moisture. The sweatier you are…the more the sugar will melt down and get slimy.

So. Take some deep breaths. Blow them out slowly. Notice any spots where you feel vaguely anxious and release the tension. Trust me – this works. Sugaring yourself is the most awesome thing you can do for your beauty routine. You’ll get the hang of it. The Claw is kind of fun. You won’t miss your razor. I promise.

Chime in and help your fellow sugarists!

Let me know in the comments – how did your first official try go? What questions came up? I love to answer you and help everyone get to smooooth faster.

Have a great day –


6 replies on “Lesson 5 – Putting it all together

  • Jennifer Agger

    The videos are great, thank you! Everything is going great except after a few goes, my sugar starts to get melty and it sticks to everything. Is there anything that will help prevent this or should I just grab new sugar?

  • Penelope

    This stuff is literally amazing, I am so happy to have a healthier more affordable way to do my Brazilian! I did my own last month and it went very well. It did get a little sticky but it’s hot out… The main problem I had was the grow back seemed to be a lot more itchy than with my regular wax Brazilian… Any idea why? Also would baby powder help to keep the sugar sticking to my skin?

  • Jeri

    Yay! I’m so glad you like it, and are having success with giving yourself Brazilians!! That’s interesting you experienced itchiness during growback – it makes me wonder if you are using a new laundry detergent or body lotion that has some different fragrances/chemicals than you’re used to. You may need more moisturizer or exfoliation in that area, as well…dry skin gets itchy. Please report back after your next one!

  • Stefanie

    when doing legs for example, can you use the same glob of sugar for the entire leg? I guess what I’m asking is when do you know you need a new amount of sugar?

    Thank you so much.

  • Jeri

    Hi Stefanie – Great question. You can definitely use the same glob of sugar for the entire leg. You’ll know you need to switch it out when the sugar turns a chalky beige color and is too stiff to spread easily. Just please be sure to put the used sugar in the trash and wash (and dry!) your hands before getting more. You want to keep the sugar that’s still in the jar as uncontaminated as possible. Thanks again, and let me know what other questions you have! –Jeri

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