Lesson 3 – The scoop and swoop

Lesson 3: The Scoop and Swoop

Your Goal: Practice smooth, fluid hand movements.

When it comes to DIY body sugaring, applying and removing the sugar is a bit mysterious. When you watch a pro in the studio or on YouTube, it seems easy and effortless…but when you try it at home those first couple times, it ends up being a big sticky mess.

Part of that is because the initial tendency is to “schmear” the sugar with the pads of your fingers, then lift your hand up and away. If you lift your hand up and away from your body, you’ll break the sugar connection. (And you don’t want that.) You want the sugar to stay in one piece, so it’s connected to your trowel AND your body at the same time.

Remove in a swooping motion

Sugar paste is a bit elastic, so it will follow you – as long as you don’t break contact. Use just the tip of your trowel to “scoop” the sugar onto your skin. Then, in a fluid and unbroken motion, “swoop” it off. Imagine brushing eraser crumbs off a table. Keep your hand parallel to your skin and move quickly.

It takes a minute to get the hang of the movements. When you’re practicing, be sure to keep your imaginary sugar connected. Watch the video and mimic me.

Are you thinking of something else?

I’d love to hear from you: what comes to mind when you think of a swooping motion? For me, it’s eraser crumbs. I know there are all kinds of other images that come to mind. What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments and I’ll incorporate some of the best into a new episode of Sugaring School.

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