Lesson 2 – Master the trowel

Lesson 2: Master the Trowel

Your Goal: Create a line with your fingertips

You don’t need strips or applicators to use The Wicked Hair sugar paste at home. All you need is your hand. Think about that for just a second. Your hand is always with you…and your sugar jar is portable. So you can probably see where I’m going with this…you can literally sugar yourself anytime, anywhere.

Where would you love to go?

Australia? The Taj Mahal? Cape Town? Morocco? They’re all amazing. And they all take a while to get to.

There’s sooo much to see once you’re on another continent. You’re going to want to stay for a while. And you’ll feel beautiful the entire time you’re gone. So master the Hand Trowel and move on to Lesson 3.

Just sayin’.

And if you have a minute, tell me – where will you be taking your Trowel? And are you having any issues with the position? Leave your thoughts in the comments section – we all want to hear about exotic destinations.

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Lesson 3: The scoop and swoop

You’ve got the Hand Trowel mastered. Now figure out what to do with it.