Lesson 1 – Playing with sugar

Sugaring School Lesson 1

Your Goal: Get comfortable handling sugar paste.

Welcome to the very first installment of Sugaring School! Thanks for joining. I’m super stoked to share all my secrets with you.

Today, I want you to start playing with the sugar….without any expectations of actually sugaring yourself. Don’t rush through this step – it sounds easy and looks simple on the video…but handling the sugar and getting “The Claw” down pat will save you oodles of time in the future.

Everyone starts at the beginning – even me.

My hands still get sweaty just thinking about those first few days of training. And trust me – sweaty hands are the kiss of death when it comes to sugaring. When I was first learning, staying mentally detached from the sugar’s behavior was crazy difficult for me. I wanted to succeed so badly that I got panicky when it didn’t behave like it did for my instructors.

The student in me would watch the instructor…then look at my own piece of sugar and be all, “OMG IT’S MELTING ALL OVER! IT’S A SLIMY MESS! THIS WILL NEVER WORK! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?”

My experiences as a student are exactly why I want you to play with the sugar BEFORE you try to use it. Feel how you react to it. Notice as it gets warmer and warmer, it gets more difficult to handle. Rinse it off and see how the larger pieces slide off your hands, while the rest dissolves under the stream of water.

Remember: Body sugaring is simple and forgiving.

It’s better than waxing and shaving in soo many ways. But it’s also completely organic. There are so few ingredients that it’s actually food (taste it!). And as such, it’s susceptible to heat and moisture. The sweatier you are…the more overheated you get when you’re nervous…the more the sugar will melt down and get slimy.

So. Take some deep breaths. Blow them out slowly. Notice any spots where you feel vaguely anxious and release the tension. Trust me – this works. Sugaring yourself is the most awesome thing you can do for your beauty routine. You’ll get the hang of it. The Claw is kind of fun. You won’t miss your razor. I promise.

Chime in and help your fellow sugarists!

Let me know in the comments – how did your first lesson go? What questions came up? I love to answer you and help everyone get to smooooth faster.

Have a great day –


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  • Katie

    This lesson was invaluable, getting the feel for the sugar without any pressure, for me at least, made it less intimating to proceed to the future lessons.

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