Up, Up, Upper Arm

Upper Arm Sugaring: A How-To

How strong are you shoulders?

If you’re ready to test just how strong your deltoids are, then it’s time to sugar your upper arms. I noticed during this filming session that holding your elbow even with your forehead for extended periods of time is a little uncomfortable. Luckily, I’ve been working out! And even luckier, the back of my upper arms don’t have much hair, so I can get through that section pretty quickly (when I’m not flubbing my lines).

Sugaring your tricep is a great way to get ready for sugaring your underarm.

If one of your ultimate goals is to take care of your underarm hair at home, then sugaring your tricep is a perfect way to practice. You’ll get to work on your technique at a strange angle, and see just how tricky it can be to keep your swoop VERY CLOSE TO YOUR SKIN. I seriously cannot stress this enough.

Remove the sugar with a swoop that keeps your sugar VERY CLOSE TO YOUR SKIN.

See how I did that? I just stressed my point. Again. For probably the sixteenth time since we started Sugaring School.

But anyway – upper arm sugaring is great for those of you thinking about getting a tattoo sleeve. You give yourself such a fantastic exfoliation and get rid of all the hair that the ink will pigment your skin with greater ease…and you’ll have less chance of blurred lines. If you already have a tattoo, then even better – sugar yourself in that area and watch your colors “pop” again as if they were new.

Alrighty – I’m off to do some shoulder presses so I can show off my newly unhairy arms. But first: I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have any sugaring tricks “up your sleeve?”

What are you figuring out as you practice your sugaring more and more?

Let me know in the comments, and I’ll talk to you soon –