Stiff Upper Lip

Lip Sugaring: A How-To

Keep it tight (your skin, that is)

You have a moustache. Let’s just face that now. Everyone grows hair on their upper lip. Even if it’s blonde, there’s hair there.

Go take a look. Especially if you’ve never sugared or waxed there before.

See? It’s still there. Those little hairs are creeping down into your lipstick, making it feather. They’re collecting dead skin cells, making your wrinkles more pronounced.

You’ll finally love your lipstick

I know I did after I started sugaring my upper lip. It goes on so evenly. And the super fun thing is (unlike wax), you can get the sugar ON your lip and get all those tiny, pesky hairs that waxing never reaches.

Questions? Comments? Issues? Awesomenesses?

Let me know in the comments, and I’ll talk to you soon –


4 replies on “Stiff Upper Lip

  • Jeri

    Hola Rose –

    Tretonioin is a Retin-A product, which is known to thin your skin and make it quite sensitive. I would wait till you’ve been off it for 3 weeks or so before sugaring. And be gentle…your face is sensitive even without medications, so listen to your body and really master your technique.

  • Dana

    Hi Jeri, just found out your website and these videos are super helpful! I’ve had my legs and underarms sugared before, so I had an idea how it was done. Doing it myself proved a challenge as I found the sugar started to get a bit melty after a few uses, but your videos helped me perfect the technique.

    I have a question, I have a birthmark in the corner of my upper lip, is it safe to sugar over it? Or any birthmark?

  • Jeri

    Oh good – I’m glad you’re finding them helpful. We’re a few months away from updating all the videos, so the more questions and comments you have for me, the better.

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