Fore! (Arm, that is)

Forearm Sugaring: A How-To

Surprise! Hairless forearms boosted my confidence

One thing I didn’t expect when I started Sugaring School was how much I’d love being hairless in places besides my bikini area. My hair is fine and blonde almost everywhere, and I always thought it was frivolous to get my arms taken care of.

Boy, was I wrong! When I started looking at my forearms before and after sugaring, I realized that my skin is way more smooth and awesome when it’s bare. It catches the light more evenly, and my muscles appear way more defined.

Plus, removing the hair from my forearms makes me really look at them. I know their nooks and crannies now, and remember to moisturize the spots that tend to get dehydrated (which are the same spots where my sugar likes to get stuck). I appreciate my delicate wrists way more than I used to. My odd-looking moles are under regular surveillance. And I admire the touch of color I pick up from summer adventures.

I feel more confident because I know myself better. And it’s all thanks to sugar paste. How great is that?

Remember: Hair growth directions vary

Just like everywhere else on your body, your hair patterns are unique to you. Be sure to examine your arm before your start, so you get the application and extraction directions perfect for you.

Typically, though, your forearm hair grows in about three different directions:

  • Across. The top grows from the thumb side of your arm, out toward your pinky side. This is the area that gets tan when you’re out in the sun.
  • Down. The bony part grows from your wrist toward your elbow. Think the part that rests on a table when you’re eating.
  • However it wants to. The underside of your forearm – exposed when your palm is facing upward – is superfine hair and varies on different people. Check your personal direction and apply accordingly.
Are you thinking of something else?

I’d love to hear from you: What are you enjoying the most about sugaring your forearms?

Talk to you soon –