Thigh Sugaring

Upper Thigh Sugaring: A How-To

Staying smooth is totally worth it.

When you’re someone who “doesn’t have much hair” on your thighs, it’s tempting to skip shaving or sugaring altogether. I know how it is…I’m often caught in an internal debate as to whether I should take the time to do my upper legs.

That is, I was often caught. One morning I was laying in bed and the sun glinted off all my leg hairs. Eric was laying next to me, and suddenly – instead of a nice, relaxing morning – I got all self-conscious and jumped out of the room. He wanted to know where I was headed, and I fumbled for an excuse like heading off to work out, or needing to use the restroom, or something. Basically, didn’t call attention to my leg hairs…but I also missed out on a really great sleep-in opportunity, too.

So. Don’t let that happen to you. Take the time to sugar your upper legs. Not for someone else…for you. Because you never know who might be laying beside you when the sun hits your leg. And because sleeping in is sooo much better than accidentally committing yourself to a workout at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning.

Remember: Hair growth directions vary

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: just like everywhere else on your body, your hair patterns are unique to you.

Be sure to examine your legs before your start, so you get the application and extraction directions perfect for you.

Another tip: Plan a pattern and stick to it.

It’ll prevent skipped haireas. (Skipped areas…haireas…get it? har har!)

Are you thinking of something else?

I’d love to hear from you: When have you been caught with unexpected haireas?

Talk to you soon –


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