Undercover Underarms

Underarms Sugaring: A How-To

Yes. You need to sugar your underarms.

Especially if you’re going away for the weekend. Taking a razor with you in your overnight bag isn’t awesome, and borrowing a friends is NOT hygienic. It’ll save you tons of time and keep you looking your best (even when you’re camping and dirty and otherwise feeling gross).

They’re one of the toughest parts to sugar yourself.

Be sure to keep an extra towel handy. Any moisture will mess with the consistency of your sugar, and it’ll be more prone to melting. Blot before you get sugar out of the jar, and blot again as best you can right before you get started with the actual sugaring.

Underarms are super sensitive.

Make sure you’re extra diligent with the parallel swooping, so you don’t lift your skin (and cause a hickey or irritation). Those hairs are tough to remove, and the skin is pretty much impossible to keep fully taut when you’re sugaring yourself.

You may want to get them sugared by a professional a few times first.

Having someone else sugar your underarms the first few times helps damage the follicles enough to make the hair much more fine and sparse….thereby easier to maintain on your own. When I was learning to sugar, I totally used the help of a professional (and I’m glad I did).

Usually underarm services run about $20 at your local studio. Plan on going in three times, with about two weeks between each visit.

Then maintenance becomes a breeze.

No five-o-clock shadow peeking out from under that halter top. No worries about red bumps or irritation. No need to shave for weeks on end.

Seriously. It’s worth the patience. And the practice.

Talk to you soon –


3 replies on “Undercover Underarms

  • Camille

    Hi Jeri

    Thanks for these videos, they are a huge help I started sugaring yesterday. I have one armpit down and am feeling pretty accomplished but it was soooo hard. Under my are it is way harder to keep the sugar at the tips of my finger. I am also noticing when I take it out of the jar I cant seem to push it up to my finger tips maybe its to cold? I would love your help here.

  • Jeri

    Hola Camille –

    I’m glad the videos are helping! Underarms are pretty advanced, so I’m impressed that you started with them right off the bat. 🙂 Think of bending your hand at the knuckle (base of your fingers) you’re sugaring your underarms…it keeps your fingertips in the correct position.

    As for the sugar being stiff at first, it’s definitely a temperature thing. You can warm it by working it slowly on the inside of your forearm to soften it slowly. Once it’s soft, but just before it’s the “perfect” temperature, move it to where you want to work. It’ll warm up the rest of the way as you’re doing the scoop.

    Please let me know what other questions you have!

  • Camille

    Thanks Jeri! I will put what you suggested into practice. I noticed things melt pretty fast these days and its hard to keep the sugar on my finger tips. Its also really hard to see the hair under there accurately. I really want to know how to do this so I will definitely keep practicing:) Honestly there has been a little irritation so, I think I broke hair off incorrectly.

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