Bikini Sugaring – Touch-Up

Bikini Line Sugaring: A How-To

Bikini hairs are coarse.

Coarse like as in the coarsest on your entire body. In fact, the only other area that comes close is your underarms (which is why the Bikini formula works so great there, too).

In esthetician speak they’re called “terminal” hairs. In regular person speak they’re called “holy crap those things are really stuck!” hairs.

Basically, what that means is your bikini line and underarm hair are the most well-fed and fertilized…their roots are closest to the blood supply, so they get all kinds of nutrients to keep them strong and healthy. These strong, healthy hairs are the ones that hurt the most when they’re extracted.

Be patient; hold the skin taught with your free hand.

Start slow when you are working on your bikini line; you want the sugar to wrap itself around the hairs during your scoop. This will improve the effectiveness of each swoop, making it so you don’t have to go over the same area again and again.

Another thing – When you’re swooping, keep your hand parallel. DO NOT LIFT YOUR HAND AS YOU REMOVE THE SUGAR! Just flick your fingers back toward the midline of your body, nearly grazing your inner thigh as you go.

Once done, you’ll feel ready for anything.

From now on, all you’ll have to think about is which swimsuit to wear…not how to get out of swimming (or how to get home and shave first). Timing is no longer an issue. And your man will appreciate your low maintenance vibe.

How’s it going? Let me know in the comments and we’ll get you better and better at sugaring!

Talk to you soon –