Why Exfoliate (and How)

Your skin is dry. Itchy. Chapped. Flaky and gray.

Or maybe your wrinkles are looking kind of …present. Front & center, even.

Not really the look you’re going for, right?

Let’s face it: you’ve put decades of wear and tear on your largest organ: sunburns, hangovers, outdoorsy activities…each adds a little bit of story to your future skin.

And as you age, your skin needs more and more help in order to look its best.

So I’m here to say: take action! Especially if you’re 25ish or more (because your skin doesn’t glow as well on its own as you get older).

Why exfoliate

You’re worried about wrinkles. Exfoliating is an easy and inexpensive way to look younger. It makes your wrinkles appear smaller! That’s because dead skin cells like to sit in wrinkles’ little crevices, and the collection widens them out. The more dead skin, the bigger the wrinkle looks.

You keep getting ingrowns. Exfoliating helps prevent ingrowns. How? Hair gets pushed to the surface by new hair growing underneath. When the old hair hits the “ceiling” of dead, unexfoliated skin, there’s nowhere for it to go. It has to turn around and start growing south. These southern cells don’t want the hairy invader, so they create inflammation. The inflammation catches your attention…which causes you to pick at the hair…and introduce bacteria. The bacteria contributes to more inflammation…which catches your attention…you see where I’m going here? A bit of exfoliating creates space for that hair to emerge and saves you all the headaches of an ingrown.

You feel like you’re using a lot of product. Exfoliating removes the top layer of dry, flaky cells…the ones that are currently hogging your product for themselves. Get rid of the product hogs, and you’ll enjoy better value for your money.

Your makeup cakes and looks uneven. Makeup catches all the little flakes lounging around and accentuates them. Exfoliate (and moisturize) regularly and your makeup will glide on with ease.

How to exfoliate

Time needed: 30 seconds

Frequency: 2x per week

Where: Your entire body

What to do: In the shower: Take a small amount of your favorite Sugar Scrub and massage gently in circular motions. Enjoy the sensation of sugar melting into your skin, the aroma of caramel and chocolate, and the knowledge that you’re not killing any fishes.

TWH’s Sugar Scrub is made with Grapeseed Oil, so you won’t need moisturizer to seal off your newly emerged glow on days that you use it. Which means that when you use it, the Exfoliating step doesn’t take any extra time because you will be saving the time you’d normally spend moisturizing.

And now over to you

What keeps you from exfoliating? 

Share your story in the comments and perhaps I can help you sort it out.