This One Thing is Key to Shiny Legs

Five years ago, I was just like you. I was confused and overwhelmed by the choices out there…unsure of what to do…or buy….or use…. So I did something about it: I went to esthetician school and got up close and personal with people’s skin.

Now, I didn’t know at the time that I’d soon be able to fill a medium-sized concert venue with people I’ve seen sans pants. But that’s beside the point.

I’ve learned over five years of sugaring and observation…

Exfoliating is key to glowing, celebrity-shiny skin.

Here’s the thing: Your skin sheds. Every few weeks, old skin is pushed to the top of the heap by new skin that’s growing underneath it. Once the old skin gets to a certain spot, access to nutrients is cut off and it withers and dies. The problem, though, is dead skin doesn’t go anywhere. It just sits there – a dull layer of death – on top of the fresh skin. When too much builds up, you start to feel like no matter how much lotion you use, your skin STILL looks dull. Dreary. Crusty.

And that’s where exfoliation comes in.

Once you remove the dead and dull, a beautiful natural sheen emerges.

That’s why your skin feels so silky smooth after sugaring – we got rid of your dead skin as we were removing your hair.

You’ll enjoy better and longer-lasting results when you use a product at home that gently exfoliates. Remember…you don’t want to be too harsh to all that fresh new skin.

Sure, you’re busy. And it’s difficult to get behind adding another step into your process when no one sees your skin but you. Or when you have a bunch of scrubs you don’t use in your cabinet already.

I get it. I’ve worked 50-hour weeks in a cubicle before running off to night classes. I’ve finished that last cocktail before getting up the next morning to run a 5K.

But. I’ve also enjoyed going bare-legged when everyone else wore tights cuz their legs were gross. I’ve been in the same restroom with a shiny-legged celebrity (and felt pretty darn good about how my skin stacked up).

I’m more confident…merely because now I know how to take care of my skin.

And I want you to know how to take care of your skin, too.


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So. Anyway.


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Jeri “SugarFairy” Seamands

PS – Furniture can’t shine itself – and neither can your skin.