Know Your Skin Type

Do you know your skin type?

Are you Dry? Oily? Normal? Combination?

Is your skin Dehydrated? Sensitive? Acne-prone? Premature? Mature?

How do you know what to buy?

Beauty aisles can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Every product claims to be for a certain skin type or condition. It’s supposed to be helpful information, but when faced with an entire aisle (or store) of beauty products, how do you know which one to pick?

Lucky for you, you’ve got an ally: your hair removal specialist.

Your sugarista is trained to analyze skin.

In order to remove your hair, your sugarista must be a licensed esthetician. She’s spent months or years looking at clients’ skin (on both their northern and southern faces), and has been trained to understand the signs and signals your skin is giving.

So. Even if you don’t go to the spa and get facials, you’re receiving services from a skin care specialist.

Seems to me it’s time to start taking advantage of her knowledge. Right?

Next time you’re in, request a skin consultation.

Your sugarista will be happy to analyze your face. She’ll let you know your skin type and it’s current condition, so whenever you go shopping you can sound (and feel) knowledgeable and empowered.

Since you two know each other already, you can feel comfortable asking questions. In fact, your sugarista would love to teach you about how to care for skin all over your body…because better habits lead to better results. And better results mean happier clients. And happy clients make it fun to come to work every day.

It only takes a few minutes; and you’ll leave your appointment armed with information that’s helpful in all kinds of situations.