lemon cleansing milk


A gentle soft texture cleansing milk for normal/combination to dehydrated skin types that removes make-up and impurities, and hydrates skin. Besides cleansing your skin with lemon derived antioxidants and organic herbal oils, ilike’s Lemon Cleansing Milk also refreshes and softens your skin, leaving a radiant surface.

An excellent, nourishing eye makeup remover, as well (although not to be used with eyelash extensions, due to its oil content).

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Skin Types / Skin Conditions:

  • Normal/combination skin
  • Oily skin
  • Acne, seborrhea
  • Wrinkles
  • Chloasma, age spots or other blemishes
  • All skin types, especially good for problematic skins
  • Out-of-balance skin
  • Younger seborrhea skin
  • Also is an eye make-up remover

Lemon Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, Corn Germ Oil, Citric Acid, Phenol Carbonic Acids, Pectins, Vitamins B, C and E

Directions for Application

Apply a small amount of cleanser over entire face and neck area and massage it in gently for 30-60 seconds moving your fingertips in circular motions, then wipe off with damp face towel or cotton pad. Use it daily as the first step of your skin care regime, followed by a refreshing toner.


Cleanses skin from make-up and pollution, hydrates, nourishes


8.4 oz (250 ml)


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