herbal clay spot treatment


This unique spot froster soothes the inflammation while hiding blackheads and comedones. It has antiseptic, drying, tightening and calming effects, and helps to treat cold sores and inflamed follicles as well. Apply a thicker layer on the spots for the night and use it as a concealer for the day.

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Skin Types / Skin Conditions:

  • Normal/combination skin
  • Oily skin
  • Acne, seborrhea
  • Rosacea
  • Chloasma, age spots or other blemishes
  • Male skin conditions
  • Inflamed follicles after waxing or shaving
  • Inflamed comedone
  • Cold sores

Apply a thicker layer on spots for the night and use as a concealer for the day. Use as a mechanical protection against sunlight (e.g. for chloasma and pigment blotches).


Ichthammol (Herbal Clay), Clove Oil, Zinc Oxide


Anti-inflammatory, dries, soothes, tightens, anti-seborrhea, calming, slightly covering effect, constricts blood vessels, heals insect-bites, strengthens the keratin layer, antiseptic, eases pain


0.4 oz (12 ml)


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