glycolic medlar rejuvenating treatment


Naseberry is not only the fruit of fall- and wintertime, but also the base for an excellent product for wrinkled skin. Use the glycolic acid content ilike Glycolic Medlar Rejuvenating Treatment regularly to smoothen your wrinkles and nourish, hydrate and significantly regenerate your skin.

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Skin Types / Skin Conditions:

  • Dry skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Chapped skin and dry areas
  • All skin types of premature and mature skin
  • Only around the eyes of younger skin
Weight 3.5 oz

Use in a thin layer possibly enriched with one of our serums or oil concentrates to achieve an even more radiant complexion. Use it as a final step of your daily regime in the morning and the evening or use as otherwise directed. May be used as night cream for most skin types – enriched with Q10 Serum in case of oil deficiency -, and suitable to reduce the appearance of fine lines (eg. around the eye area). Avoid use in direct sunlight.


Medlar (Naseberry), Glycolic Acid, Apple, Grape, Castor Oil, Lemon Oil, Bioflavonoids, Sorbite, Fructose, fruit Acids, Pectin, Vitamin C and E, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements


Diminishes wrinkles, gently exfoliates by loosening the horny cells that tightly cling together, helps the formation of new keratin and horny cells, nourishes, hydrating, charges the skin with vitamins, regenerates, absorbs free radicals


1.7 oz (50 ml)