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Ignite Boise 2015 – Your Sugarista Knows – Jeri Seamands

The Wicked Hair’s Founder and CEO shares “Your Sugarista Knows…” – anecdotes and insights gleaned from her years giving Brazilians.


Boise Weekly visits The Wicked Hair

Journalist Sheree Whitely and photographer Jen Grable visit us shortly after our opening in 2012.

Hair removal tends to result in toilet paper used to cauterize cuts or 40-Year-Old Virgin moments of calling out in pain. This leaves us with two options: embrace the pain or go against the societal grain, growing body hair freely.

Luckily, there’s a sweeter mode of hair removal—literally. Body sugaring, which is exactly what it sounds like, uses sugar to remove unwanted hair.

On a recent trip to the Wicked Hair in Boise’s Linen District, Sofie McConnaughay mulled a sugar-water-lemon paste—which she said has been referred to as Flubber—around in a gloved hand. She said the sugars aren’t the normal baking variety, although the substance is edible.

After daubing on an organic, additive-free cleanser and powder, the caramel-like concoction is placed on the skin. It’s only slightly warm and pulls up follicles down to their bulbous roots, along with dead skin. The result is smooth and hairless surface area, sans razor-burn or the grip-the-chair-and-wait-for-it waxing experience.

Services come with a care kit for new clients, along with more info about hair growth and removal than you could ever hope to find out on your own. Treatments cost between $3-$125, depending on the area being de-haired. The only hard part about body sugaring? Trying to get Def Leppard’s iconic phrase, “pour some sugar on me,” out of your head.

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