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Jeri is absolutely amazing. It was my very first time, she was very patient and good with keeping my mind off of what was going on.

This place is Legit! Absolutely and by far one of the best sugarists I have been to. When you find a good one you never want to move or go on vacay…haha. No, seriously… While planning my month long visit to Boise I came across The Wicked Hair online and was relieved to see that Boise did Sugaring and even more relieved the moment I walked into the shop. Extremely professional and down to earth.

I was so nervous with this being my first time, I was actually more nervous to get my first Brazilian than I was a tattoo (I have many). I couldn’t believe how comfortable Jeri made me feel throughout the entire appointment. She told me what I needed to know, got it done, and I was out the door with my awesome little travel kit of goodies. I can already tell it’s going to be a life changing day! #onceyousugaryoucantgoback #touchedbythefairy

Jeri is not only extremely professional, but she is so down to earth. She is the only person I know that can turn a Brazilian wax into something relaxing and enjoyable!

As a pregnant momma I had an amazing experience! I felt very well taken care of and not judged.

Wonderful experience! Fantastic products and customer service! So happy that Boise has such an amazing option for natural care and services! Thank you!

I couldn’t be more pleased. Jeri was so professional and experienced, I felt silly feeling silly! As a women, I am grateful for the excellent educational care before and after the appointment. TWH takes the time to explain whats going to happen and how you should prepare, and what to do afterwards. For my first time Brazilian, I joked that it was sort of like buying a new car. It’s super scary, a good investment, but really exciting. Jeri’s reply summed it up perfectly, “You’re driving a Jaguar now!” I’m glad this car came with a great instruction manual. Thanks and see ya soon!

This is a great first experience for me! Jeri is a great “coach” and has a wealth of knowledge. I’m coming back and referring like crazy!

The staff made me feel very comfortable and cared for. Very encouraging during the wax as well.

The people are awesome, the service is awesome and the results are awesome!

Thanks so much! I love sugaring. Have not waxed since I discovered this even when I REALLY needed a Brazilian but was out of town. Haha 🙂

Thanks Jeri! You are quick and help me breathe through the process! Will never go back to a wax again!

Thanks Jeri!! You made it the most pleasurable, unpleasurable experience I’ve experienced.

Thank you! Minimal pain for awesome results!

Thank you, very professional and kind. First time – it was so much better than waxing!!!! Loved it.

Sugaring is absolutely the way to go for hair removal. Natural, non-toxic, palatable, ..No chemicals. Just awesome.

Relaxing, clean and friendly atmosphere. Jeri made me feel completely at ease, even made me laugh. Thanks for making my first Brazilian as pleasant as it possibly could be!

Overall amazing experience. Definitely recommend this place.

My first Brazilian was a great experience. After the jitters wore off I’m glad I had it done. I’m sure it’s not the last.

I will be coming back regularly and will spread the word of this fantastic business!

I love TWH and have recommended your services to my friends & family. Here’s why:
1. Great online scheduling platform, 2. Professional, discreet, and inviting location (real linens, small office, quick in and out with no waiting) 3. amazing sugaristas who know just what to do and say to make you feel comfortable 4. great results 5. no worrying about gratuities, and 6. great products for home care. I am so glad to support and wonderful local business for women, by women. Keep doing what you do!!

Visiting is always fun!

It was my first ever hair removal experience other than shaving, and even though I was way nervous, I felt at ease during the whole process. Even though it hurt like the dickens, next time I’m getting the full out Brazilian!

The people are awesome, the service is awesome, and the results are awesome!

I will never wax again! From the serene ambiance to extra care and skilled excellence provided by Jeri, I felt pampered as opposed to the harsh clinical style of my previous waxing salon. The owner has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Quality natural products are so kind to my skin. Sugaring is far superior. My skin looked radiant and I experienced no redness or irritation.

I’m hooked! Who knew getting a Brazilian could be so easy? As always, thanks a ton!

I’m addicted to sugaring!

I was nervous going in since it was my first time. The second I was greeted at the door I felt at ease. The sugaring was almost pain free. I will definitely recommend TWH to friends and family.

I love my service! Kristen did an amazing job and was very professional. I can’t wait to go back again.

I enjoyed visiting with Kristen and my arms feel awesome. When in Boise, I will try to make a return visit for another service. Never had anything sugared before and only waxed eyebrows. Great experience! And thank you for the time it took to walk me through and to get an appt with my limited schedule.

Friendly, knowledgeable, skilled, efficient….friendly some more! Thanks for being awesome!

Jeri made me feel so comfortable. I felt educated through the whole process and completely comfortable – which is difficult when you’re buck ass naked and getting hair pulled from your downstairs. 🙂 I have already posted on FB about how wonderful you were and am planning on sending all my friends your way. THANK YOU!!

Informing without forcing me to buy product. I felt comfortable asking questions. Jeri was super approachable and I appreciated the time she spent with me. Already booked my next appointment. 🙂

Always make me laugh! Thanks for making an uncomfortable experience comfortable

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