Answers to (almost) all your questions

How much does a Brazilian hurt?

The first time is the worst. But after a couple days, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this before.

The second is better. You’ll still be nervous before the visit, but once you realize how much less painful it is, you’ll relax and start chatting.

By the third, you’ll love it so much you’ll want to buy a series. We are flattered and honored that The Wicked Hair is a line item on most of our customers’ budgets.

Sugaring is the least. painful. method. It hurts less than waxing. You recover way, way faster. Ingrowns are rare. Fewer hairs will grow back – and the hair that does is more fine and thin after your very FIRST visit.

Can you get a Brazilian while on your period?

There are times when a period means STOP.

Like at the end of a sentence. Or when you want to wear white pants.

But in the world of Brazilians, a period simply means “put in a tampon and keep your appointment.” You can definitely get a Brazilian while on your period.

You already have enough worries

Don’t worry about switching up your schedule just because a certain visitor arrived early (or late).

We sugaristas have seen it all.

We’re happy to work on you during your cycle.

(We’re also happy to work around your piercings. And tattoos are totally safe to be sugared.)

You may be a bit more sensitive, though. If so, take an over-the-counter pain reliever about 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

How to prepare for your first Brazilian (or your first in a long time)

Schedule in advance. If you’re getting married or going on vacation, schedule your first Brazilian about a month before you leave. Schedule the second about two days before departure (or the ceremony).

Exfoliate. Gently exfoliate the area to be sugared every day, up until the day prior to your appointment.

Trim your hair to 1/4″ or shorter. Long hair creates discomfort during application. And if you’re a shaver, make sure you stop shaving 5-7 days prior to your visit.

Get your workout in. Do your exercising before your appointment. Wait 12-24 hours to exercise afterward.

Understand you’re going to be nervous. Do some meditation prior to arrival. If you’re worried about pain, take an ibuprofen about 30 minutes before your appointment.

Know you’re normal. I’ve seen hairier. I’ve seen bigger hemorrhoids. You’re probably going to get butt sweat when you’re in your appointment. All your own personal uniqueness is totally normal.

If you’re tempted to try liquid courage… Don’t have that last drink – too much alcohol will make the session more painful.

You just got a Brazilian – now what?

Congratulate yourself! And be gentle for the next little bit.

Your follicles will be open, and your skin will be sensitive. For the first 24 hours:

Shower with cooler water than usual.

Skip tanning, hot-tubs, steam rooms, and saunas.

Wait to exercise. Sweat breeds bacteria, which increases the chances of ingrown hairs.

Stay out of the lake, off the boat, and don’t sunbathe outdoors. Reactions and irritation are very rare…but when I see them, the story often involves unusual activities where you accidentally introduce bacteria to the area before your follicles have had a chance to go back to normal.

Be mindful of intimacy. If you decide to be intimate within 12 hours of your appointment, rinse yourself off afterward. (See above – intimacy is exercise and can be sweaty.)