CEO’s Note: Stoking Face Engagement

You might not see my face as often going forward, as my hours in the treatment room are reduced. (I’ll be taking more time away as the year goes on.)


My face is still fully engaged in TWH.

I’m not closing the company.

I’m not backing off, relaxing, or “phoning it in.”

I AM fully engaged, ready for anything, and open to new directions and ideas.

The only thing you won’t see me doing?

Arms and Legs.

I’ll be focusing on other things.

My focus?

Making your visits the best they can be.
Paying attention to details and feedback.
Reading all the comments and reviews and questions.
Changing our approach to make your life easier.

So please.

I want to hear it all. The Good, The Bad, and The I’m Not Sure Who Else To Ask.

I’m stoked to help. Stoked to reply. Stoked to be here for you. And stoked to see you when I’m out and about.

That’s a lot of stoking.

And my mind goes dirty places when I read that comment above about my face being fully engaged in TWH.

But anyway.

I’ll be celebrating Independence Day in the treatment room – which….let’s be honest….I’m also stoked about.

So there’s more stoking for you. Happy Friday.

Seriously, though.

I’ve missed you.

It’s good to be back.

See your face soon (virtual or otherwise) –

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