CEO’s Note | What is sugaring?

The below script may not apply to you.

But it may come in handy when someone gets curious about hair removal.

You know who I’m talking about.

Your friend/acquaintance/coworker.

The one who has a big event coming up…and who is ready to do something about their body hair situation…but who doesn’t know WHAT sugaring is or WHEN to schedule their appointments.


You: Congratulations!!!! You must be Really Looking Forward To [doing that thing they just told you is going to happen to them]!!!

Them: I totally am! Thank you!!

Y: When is it???

T: Well, not for a while…but I seriously can’t wait. I’m so excited!! And I want to look really good. What do you think…should I go get waxed?

Y: Oh no, honey. You are NOT GETTING WAXED. You’re going to get sugared. Here. [digging] I have a card somewhere. Oh wait! There’s an app. Here it is….The Wicked Hair. You’ll love it there.

T: Wait. ‘Sugared?’ I’ve never heard of it. What is ‘sugaring?’

Y: It’s like waxing…but so much better. It doesn’t hurt as much, and you don’t have to go all doggy style during the Brazilian.

T: Doggy Style? During a wax? Ewww.

Y: Right?! I know. But don’t worry – this place doesn’t make you do that. Seriously. And they have you lay on real sheets – not paper.

T: Ok ok. Good. But how does sugaring work?

Y: They use this sugar paste that only sticks to dead skin cells and hair. It’s the same piece the whole time…they spread it on and when it comes off, your hair comes with it.

T: Does it hurt?

Y: Well….ya. I mean, they are yanking your hair out by the roots. But it doesn’t hurt NEARLY as bad as waxing. I’ve been going for nearly a year now, and it barely hurts at all.

T [looking skeptical]: Ok then…

Y: Seriously. Here. Look at the video. [pulls up on phone.] That’s all it is. They even teach you how to sugar yourself online!!

T: Ok, ok! Jeez. I’ll do it! I think.

Y [shrug nonchalantly, thinking of your upcoming referral bonus]: Cool.

T: Butttt….I’ve never been before. When do you think I should go? My [thing they just told you is going to happen to them] is still a few months out.

Y: Hmmm. When is your [wedding, competition, due date, etc., etc.] again?

T: It’s on [some future date].

Y: Ok. Then start going NOW. Plan on going every three weeks [timing varies depending on service…but 80% of TWH clients visit every three weeks] till it’s close to your [due date, competition, wedding, vacation, etc., etc.]. That way it’ll be super fast and painless when the Big Day actually comes. And you’ll be able to literally get sugared the day before without worrying about irritation or some weird freakout.

T: Every three weeks?? [or so, depending on service] That seems like a lot.

Y: It’s worth it. Seriously. I mean really…how often do you shave?? Way more than that. And with sugaring, you don’t get razorburn. Or itchy scratchy regrowth. Or rugburn. The hair barely comes back…and when it does, it’s not pokey. For reals. You barely notice it.

T [looking at you like you’re a bit of a crazy person for being so excited about hair removal]: But I work a lot. Do I have to get..what do you call it again? Sssugared? in the middle of the day?

Y: Not at all. They’re open till 7 PM. Even Saturday and Sunday!

T: Wait. The Wicked Hair is open on Sundays?

Y: Yep. Totally. Open on Sundays. Saturdays, too. Till 7. AND THEY DON’T ACCEPT TIPS. I tried, and they totally wouldn’t let me give them anything.

T: So you’re telling me…It hurts less, there’s no Doggy Style involved, and I don’t have to lay on paper.

Y: They’ll even let you taste the sugar paste. It’s organic AND edible.

T: Wow. Wait. What? Edible? Really? The stuff they use to remove hair isedible??

Y: [nod with big motions and a ‘just make an appointment already’ expression] And organic.

T: AND they’re open evenings and weekends?

Y [still nodding]: Uh-huh. And no tips.

T: What’s the name of this place again?

Y: The Wicked Hair…they’re legit. Really. I mean…you only [get married, compete, have a baby, etc., etc.] so many times in your life. And you ARE always complaining about your skin.

T: You’re right. [deep breath] [big exhale] Oh Sh*t!! I’m [Getting Married! Going Pro! Having a Baby! Etc.! Etc.!]

Y: Yay!!! I’m so excited for you!!!!! [This is where you change the subject away from sugaring.]


That’s it.

Pretty much every conversation you’ll ever have with anyone who’s never heard of sugaring.

Save yourself time and share this with your friend/acquaintance/coworker…so you can get straight to [wedding, competition, baby] details when you see them next.

Have a great week –