Because you never know when a Brazilian will come in handy


A few Thursdays ago, I dragged my computer and to-go mugs in from the car. It had been a long day, and I had two more to go before a day off.

As I plopped my bag down and started to head toward my evening fleece, I noticed E’s expression.

He was wearing his Scheming Face.

“We need a getaway. Let’s go to Walla Walla!” he said.

“Ok sure,” I said. “Sounds fun.” (I really wanted to take my bra off.)

“This weekend!”

“Huh?” (My underwire was poking my sternum, and I was wondering if a bruise had started yet.)

My mind started running through standard pre-road trip to-dos…do laundry, get snacks for the road, take the dog to the sitter, get the oil changed, pack cute clothes, check the weather, etc. Problem was, I was nearly fully booked with clients leading up to this spontaneous departure. (Yep, sternum definitely bruised.)

“Wait. What? Are you serious? This weekend?” If he for reals wanted to go this weekend, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. (And this poky bra was the cutest one I owned…)

“Ya, I’m serious. We need a getaway…and you’ve been working so hard…” His scheming face faltered.

At that point, I started to tune in. My man wanted to take me on a romantic getaway.

And I had nearly botched it.

So I stayed in my jeans (and my poky bra), and we looked at hotels to stay in.

E had already taken care of part of the list. He was willing to pick up snacks, too. All I had to do was work and pack my things. (And figure out if this bra could be fixed…cuz the matching underwear are super cute.)

Turns out, romantic getaways really can be spontaneous.

Especially when you keep up on your Brazilians. (Because at the end of the day, the bra finally gets to come off…)