Want to be a favorite?

You already are one.


Because you’re particular.

And when we say particular, we mean it.

You examine your brows up close and personal at the end of every appointment. You let us know when you have exactly 12 minutes to get in and out of the studio. You speak up when your landing strip is crooked.

And for the record:

We love it when you speak your mind. When you let us know we could do better. Or tweak the service.

(We also love it when you congratulate us and compliment us when we get it right.)

Yes….you being particular keeps us on our toes. We might even take an extra deep breath before knocking on the door of the treatment room.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being particular means you’re strong, independent, and opinionated. That you know what you want…what you like…and you aren’t afraid to ask for it.

We Love Strong. Independent. Opinionated.

And we especially love how your feedback make us better Sugaristas.

Thanks for being awesome.

And for being particular.


2 replies on “Want to be a favorite?

  • Jennifer

    You guys are truly my favorite!!! Wish you were in Atlanta. There is just something inspiring about the way you guys run the show in Boise! Keep it going. 🙂

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