Things I know about wearing white pants

I got a little ahead of myself yesterday and busted out the white pants. On March 11. A full 73 days before Memorial Day.

I was out of clean jeans and needed to put together a presentable outfit for a photoshoot we had planned…so white pants it was.

And anxiety ensued. For the ENTIRE day. I nearly called my mother for advice as to whether I should go home and change. I composed and deleted texts to E asking him to dig out and bring in jeans currently located in the bottom of the hamper. And I struggled to keep my questions to myself during clients (Is it ok to be wearing white? Do you think it’s too early? Are my thighs getting thick?).

But it all turned out just fine. I made it through the entire day in white pants. And the world did not explode. In fact, I learned a few things from the whole experiment:

  1. If you go to Pure Barre five to six days per week all winter, your white pants from last year actually fit.
  2. Wearing white pants makes it feel like summer…even if it’s not actually summer.
  3. They really make the white lettering pop on my #SugarFairy T-Shirt.
  4. The Fashion Police apparently do not have a presence in Boise. I was not accosted, no one said anything derogatory, and I saw no evidence of people snapping photos of my faux pas.
  5. Year-round Brazilians are extremely handy. I had no concerns about visible bush peeking through my white pants.
  6. White pants made me feel a little like a celebrity. Taking fashion risks! Wearing unusual combinations!

So. The next time I find myself adhering to some random rule…I will think of white pants in March and all the lessons I learned while taking a chance on myself.

It also makes me curious…what chances would you take if you knew everything would turn out ok?

Care for your “Down There”

We’re in the throes of Valentine’s Week (our busiest time of the winter), and I find I’ve been answering a lot of questions about how exactly to care for “Down There.”

I never get tired of the conversation – because seriously – who else but your sugarista and your doctor are you going to ask about such things??

Now. For THIS.PARTICULAR.EMAIL, “Down There” is your vulva/vagina…otherwise known at TWH as the “middle bits.” (I’ll cover Southern Faces another time.)

So. In the interest of leveraging content that’s probably funnier than what I could put together…I found you a spot-on educational piece.


Before you click on it at work, know that it’s probably not something you want your boss to see you looking at.

Here’s an excerpt:

In most cases, plain old water is all you need on the outer area of your genitals. Really. Like, no soap at all. So if you’re already in the shower, use your hand or a washcloth to gently clean the area with water…Basically, you want to keep that vanilla-scented body wash with microbeads far away from your vagina.

For reals and for serious. Water’s all you need. I see dry, itchy, flaky skin all the time in the treatment room. And I see it cleared up nearly entirely within three weeks of suggesting a water-only diet for your middle bits. Within six weeks, it’s gone.

Trust me (and BuzzFeed) on this.